4-H is Great! Cheryl’s Story

4-H is Great! Cheryl's Story - Show Your 4-H Colours

4-H has become so important, not to just me, but, to my family, my club, and my community. 4-H gives everyone involved a sense of value and self-appreciation. It allows people to be themselves, to be unique, yet it also teaches team building skills. In our club, everyone is accepted.
Although I’ve been involved with 4-H since I was a child, my best 4-H memory happened this year, 2017. My youngest son, who is 17, had to write an essay about his life. Reading his final copy, I was so proud and happy to learn 4-H impacted his life so enormously.
In my community, our 4-H Club (of which I am the Head Leader, as well as project leader and parent) is involved in as many local events as possible. We contribute and donate where we can. Groups now search us out and ask us to help them or to be involved. It is just wonderful and I am so proud.
4-H has impacted The Pas in such a way that I was elected Citizen of the Year, 2016 for the achievements 4-H has made in our community.
I am so proud to be a 4-Her and love to be involved with as much 4-H as I can! I have been fortunate enough to be a part of Council as well as provincial committees. My son and I were so lucky to attend the Global Summit and to have made 4-H connections from around the world.
4-H is great!


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