It’s all about the journey!

novembre 30, 2017
Cathy’s story I loved my years as a 4-H member of Napan 4-H Club! My club introduced me to an entirely new community and I had the opportunity to travel provincially, regionally, nationally and internationally. These years were before social…
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A Great Canadian Horse Story

novembre 16, 2017
Joie McBryan Like any good story, there needs to have a cast of interesting characters and a great story line. This story has a cast that includes horses, the renowned Canadian RCMP Musical Ride and a group of 4-H members…
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4-H is Great! Cheryl’s Story

novembre 13, 2017
4-H has become so important, not to just me, but, to my family, my club, and my community. 4-H gives everyone involved a sense of value and self-appreciation. It allows people to be themselves, to be unique, yet it also…
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A Snapshot of my 4-H Experience!

novembre 1, 2017
In 2015, I was awarded the top 4-H member in Perth County. I was a member for nine years and completed 41 clubs. Attended multiple Go For The Gold competitions both locally and regionally. When I graduated three years ago,…
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